Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Following Up.............

Just following up so this blog will not be deleted.  Kirkland will be entering 7th grade on Tuesday, while Kaylee will be venturing into the 4th and Kaci will be spending yet another year with my parents.  She should start K-4 next year as she turns 3 this December.

The summer we spent in Alaska is talked about so often and we often dream of yet another summer in the "last frontier".  Personally, I really miss the summer league, the guys and the Becks.  It was one of,m if not the best, summers I have ever had.  Hopefully, we will find a way to spend another great two months in Alaska soon.

Until next time...................

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wow, two whole years.............

Well, it's been two years since we traveled with Athletes in Action and I often find myself asking where has all the time gone.

Things have definitely changed........let's see........Tammy has changed jobs and now works at Pickens Savings & Loan.  She loves having her nights and weekends off.  She didn't miss any of Kaylee's volleyball games or any of Kirk's baseball games due to work.  Kirkland will be entering middle school in the fall, scary and exciting all in one.  Kaylee has started playing volleyball and will be entering 3rd grade next year. Kaci, well, let's just say she keeps us all on our toes.  She enjoyed our summer in Alaska via Tammy's tummy, but I have promised her often that she will get the same experience we did that summer of 2008.

Not sure who, if anyone, will be reading this blog update.  Just wanted to throw some quick updates out there so it will stay active and not be deleted.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 15 and then some....

Hard to believe it has been 3.5 months since we left Alaska/California. The time has flown by and things have changed.

Tammy is now only 3.5 weeks(something about 3.5, huh) away from delivery of Kaci Lee and we are all excited. Her new room, ur corner, is almost done. Yes, our new little girl will not have her own room, instead she will have her own corner of our room. You see our little 2 bedroom, plus Kirkland's closed in porch that makes 3 bedrooms, is way too small now. Our house is up for sale, any takers(124 Poinsett Ave, 29671) just email or comment on the blog.

The time has changed here in SC and so darkness is upon us as soon as 5pm now. I can only imagine how our friends up in Alaska feel with darkness closing in on them virtually all day. I get depressed when the time changes here and it gets dark so early, no way I could live up there in the winter. All though a few days in the snow would be fun!

Yes, we did see Sarah Palin while in Alaska, although I must admit she was known as only the Governor of Alaska on July 4 when we heard her speak in Fairbanks. Too bad we did not know what the future would hold or otherwise I would have listened and not strolled around the park to find the worse tasting Caribou sandwich I have ever eaten.

I miss a'lot of Alaska and our family talks about our adventure often. We also miss the Becks and the times we shared with them.

I keep up with a'lot of the players, staff and families through Facebook and have enjoyed continuing the friendships that were created in what seems like a land so far away.

Well, enough for, I don't think anyone will actually read this since I stopped blogging back in August. I caught the "bug" to blog one more time when Travis sent me his uncompleted blog of his trip to visit with us.

Oh well, should you read this check back soon for some photos and videos that I will add later.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mystery is over.....

Well, it took almost two months but the mystery is over. While at the Dodger game on August 3 we sat behind this guy that kept getting his photo taken with other fans......I talked with him throughout the game and he introduced himself as Bill.

He was a unique guy....rode his bike to the stadium, still had his bike helmet on until he sat in his seat, signed autographs, took photos with fans and even had a Cornell Bike Team shirt on. Very knowledgeable as well about the game and other things.

It was driving me crazy as we seemed to be the only people in the area that did not know who he was. In fact, as we were leaving the game this other fan came up to him and asked him to sign his ticket. The other man told Bill that "his son would not believe I had a chance to meet you".

Well, later that night and numerous days since then I have searched the internet trying to find out who "Bill" luck and I gave it up for never knowing who he really is until........

Travis(cousin) emails me last night and says he thinks he has figured out who Bill is. Travis sent me a link on Bill and I looked up the photos and BINGO!!!! We have a winner......Bill was(is) Bill Nye, the science guy.

Amazing, now I can rest.....

Check this link out for our photo of Bill Nye and what Travis had to go on:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweet Tea!!!!

Our final stop was in Atlanta as we arrived at the airport around 10:15pm Monday night. A quick nap at the local Holiday Inn and we were back on the road Tuesday morning heading home.

The photo on the left shows our last meal on our trip. For those following along the way, you may remember our last meal prior to starting our trip back in June was at the Cheesecake Factory in Atlanta. This time we kept it simple and hit the local Chick-fil-A. It was no ordinary Chick-fil-A though, it was the original. The first one, established in 1946 in Hapeville, Georgia is located right near the Atlanta Airport. I would highly recommend a stop next time you are there. It is actually a Dwarf House original as well and features the "new" style Chick-fil-A, but still has the old, original style complete with menu style orders. I had grits, eggs and a huge slab of Chick-fil-A chicken. The biscuits were good as well, but the highlight was my big glass of pure southern sweet tea!!

We made it home to Poinsett Avenue around 3:00pm. We already miss our new friends from the Alaska trip, but it was good to be back home as well. Many thanks to our families as they made our trip back in even better with some home improvements, cleaning and food waiting on us. Dexter was a bit sluggish from the heat and the fact that he is now closing in on 80 in dog years. He soon warmed up and gave Kaylee a big sloppy kiss.

Kirkland was glad to be home and see everyone. He has even started scheduling his next fishing trip. Kaylee was real excited to be back and has enjoyed just "being home".

Tammy is recovering from the trip, she picked up a late head cold the last day of the trip and is resting. As for me, I am anxious to get started with the school year and the new season that awaits.

The trip was great for all of us. We met new people, experienced life in other parts of the world(even though Alaska is a state, it seems like a different world), and we were all challenged and stretched in different ways.

Who knows, we may soon end up back in Alaska or California one day.

A BIG thank you to all that have read, prayed, and followed our trip along the way. We could not have done it without you. I hope you have enjoyed the blog and I hope I provided a small insight to our summer. There is no way I could have accurately portrayed everything. It was that big of a summer and we enjoyed it.

This blog thing is contagious and who knows.....I may keep posting. Not that anyone would really have an interest, but check back soon for more updates. We do have kind of a big deal arriving in December and we are all excited about that. By the way, we are taking names at this time. Any suggestions....just send away.

Until next time..............................

Monday, August 4, 2008


Today(Sunday) was an early game at Dodger Stadium. We grabbed a quick McD's breakfast and headed out to the 101 for the Dodgers/D-Backs.

Once we got to the field it was off to Autograph Alley to see some of the players I grew up watching. We met Bobby Castillo, Jerry Reuss, Bill Madlock, Kenny Landreaux, Mike Davis and Bob Welch. Once we were out in CF on the warning track I noticed Bob Welch sneaking a peak at his old stomping grounds. Kirkland and I hurried over and asked if we could get his photo. He was very nice to oblige and Kirk got his photo snapped with a former Rookie of the Year in Bob Welch.

The game was a good one, Dodgers won and we even saw Manny go yard, along with a double. Easy to say he is a fan favorite. I am still seeing how he fits in. So far so good, hitting about .700 in 15 or so at bats.

Well, it's off to bed now. We have one more night here in LA before we leave tomorrow(Monday) for our flight to Atlanta and then home on Tuesday.

I have uploaded a few more photos. Click here to view and check back soon for some more.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Long Night.......

We finally made LA that is. After a very long day/night that started Friday morning at 11am and ended just around noon today(Saturday). It has been a long time since I have pulled an all-nighter, actually back in college finishing a final paper.

Kirkland, Kaylee and Tammy are actually taking a quick "power" nap right now as I type at 2:46pm local time. I am wired, after all, it has been an unbelievable two months and we are in Los Angeles right now and only minutes from Dodger Stadium. Actually, we are more like an hour or more away. We quickly learned you avoid the 405(San Diego Fwy) as much as possible.

After their quick nap we are going to drive down to Malibu, Santa Barbara and then thru Beverly Hills. Hopefully, some good photos will follow, although the smog is everything you have heard it was. Hardly a chance to take a good aerial or long range photo, way too much smog.

The flights were good, no turbulence at all. We left Anchorage early this morning(Saturday) at 1:55am and got in to San Fran around 7:30am. We picked up our bags and jetted back to the Southwestern terminal for a 9:10am flight to Los Angeles. Yes, it has been a long night. We spent six hours in the Anchorage airport because our bus driver had another last minute duty to fulfill. No worries, we all shared some good memories of a great summer.

It was tough seeing the guys take off in San Fran. I know some will stay in touch and I will perhaps even see some of them one day somewhere else across the country. They all left....back to Oregon, Texas, Penn., San Diego, Alabama, NC, Illinois, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida and even Georgia. I wish them all the best this upcoming year and hope they stand tall in all that they learned and were challenged with this summer. Some left stronger in the Christian walk and one even left a brand new believer as of last week. The wins were few, but the memories, decisions and life lessons were numerous and will never fade.

I will try and update after our tour of LA tonight. Can't make any promises though. I am going to grab a quick "power" nap before we take off as well. Tonight will be a good sleep!

Quick note......the guys and Kirkland played the "dollar man" trick again in the airport. One guy actually dove for the dollar bill on the floor. Check some of the earlier posts to see the "dollar man" in action. I might link it next time, too sleepy now.